Meetings in the
Buffalo Area


O / OS = OPEN MEETING: Anyone interested in the A.A. program may attend. Speakers, who are recovering Alcoholics, tell their story of what they were like as practicing alcoholics and how they are recovering through the A.A. program. Visitors and friends are expected to respect the anonymity of all persons they see or meet at meetings.

OD = OPEN DISCUSSION: Anyone interested in the A.A. program may attend and discuss anything pertinent to recovery from alcoholism. The usual anonymity is requested.

C = CLOSED: Only for those who desire to stop drinking .They discuss the A.A. program of recovery and individuals have the opportunity to ask questions and express themselves more freely, as well as benefit from the experience, strength and hope shared by others.

WC =Wheel Chair Accessible

NS = Non-Smoking

Traditionally, two or more alcoholics meeting together for the purpose of sobriety may consider themselves an AA group, provided that, as a group there are self-supporting and have no outside affiliation. Groups listed in the directory are listed at their request. A directory listing does not constitute or imply approval or endorsement of the traditional AA program.
(1975 General Service Conference)